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A Christopher Fowler zinger from his latest Bryant & May

“I’d love to bottle your innocence and sell it to old streetwalkers.”–Arthur Bryant in Bryant & May and The Invisible Code



Misread sign when driving by TCU stadium today: It said “General Parking,” but I read as “General Barking.” I immediately created a character named “General Barking Madd.” Been reading too much Wodehouse–if that’s possible. BTW, “wod” in Old English means “crazy/mad.” (Go ahead and call men in white coats . . .)

The River Why

If you’re reading The River Why (those of you at MHS and LHS will find out about this at the next class), you might want to download a folder of the same name from Shared Files. The most important file is entitled “1 Reading File: The River Why Corollaries,” which may give you many ideas for paper topics; other files include relevant photos of trout, Oregon, a 1959 Plymouth, ad infinitum. Enjoy!