College Recommendation and Scholarship Letters

I am often more than willing to write a letter of recommendation for you for college admission or for a scholarship/fellowship, etc.

Here’s what I need from you:

  • My agreement to write one. Please ask me either privately at school or in an e-mail. (I will not write one if I cannot strongly recommend you. If you have just sat in class and done the work and no more, I may not agree to write one. But you can always ask; the worst that can happen is that I refuse!)
  • What will not help you get a letter from me: This kind of e-mail: “Hey Gail can you write me a letter. I need it by this Friday.”
  • The intended recipient(s) of the letter. Is it a general letter, or do I need to tailor the letter to the college or the award?
  • If it is the former, how many copies do you need? I can print and sign multiple originals on college letterhead so no school gets a lousy photocopy.
  • If the latter, give me or tell me all the information about the award or college that you can. Is it, for example, for future engineers or people who want to attend only UTA or TCC? If it is for admission to one of my alma maters (SMU and UTA), you probably don’t need to give me much information about the college, but if it’s for one of those two for a special scholarship, yes, I need everything you have.
  • Let me know if I give you the letter or mail it directly somewhere.
  • Give me a deadline. Give me two weeks’ advance notice if possible.
If you have any questions, you know whom to ask!