2 thoughts on “A great graphic definition of "geek"”

  1. I thought this was great. How true, being a "geek" is now fashionable in most senses. Isn't it funny how "geek" has become such a weak derogatory term? It's no longer offensive unless you're in elementary school. Now it refers only to people who are devoted to a specific special intrest. Even when it is used to be derogatory, the person recieving the insult most likely doesn't take offensive to it, but rather pride. Being called a geek identifies them with a particular subject that they devote a lot of time and effort to. So, being a geek might not be a bad thing after all. P.S. I also really like the pinball post!-April Berkes

  2. I absolutely loved this! It is interesting to see how a term has evolved from "circus freak" to "geek chic." This article sort of ties into my process/definition essay which is cool. I like that they have coined the term "geek chic" into some what of a fashion statement. It is true that it is a fashion trend that has caught on throughout the US in recent years. It is obvious to see if you step into any local accessory store. There are walls and walls of fake glasses to help others achieve this geek chic appearance. You and I on the other hand do not have to worry about achieving this look, we already rock it with our REAL glasses!

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