We’re No. 12!

A very recent study by the College Board reports that the United States in no longer number one in the percentage of young people with college degrees. Instead, out of 36 developed nations, the U.S. ranks 12th.

An op-ed by New York Times staff columnist Bob Herbert analyzes why here.

Mr. Herbert asserts that students need to take some of the blame. He quotes the president of the College Board, who says that students need to work harder.

Read the column. Think about possibly responding to it in your Essay 3. Or just read it and post a comment here.

One thought on “We’re No. 12!”

  1. This study does definitely show how lazy we are now days. However, I personally think that technology is to blame. Back when our parents and grandparents were going to school, they did not have all the technological advances we have today. We have become dependent on computers, iPhones, kindles, and other forms of recent technology to do things we are too lazy to do ourselves. The internet and television are to blame for the laziness as well. We spend all of our time watching and listening to the media who provide worthless gossip instead of educational news. Our generation is slowly becoming extremely languid and this column is proof. -Andrea

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