Easy-to-Fix Common Errors

I keep coming across these (I know they have not all been assigned yet, but they are BASIC), so here are some quick answers; look up the reasons in the Rules for Writers (RW)!

–The man WHO, not the man THAT.
–Quotation mark placement, e.g., “dogs,” not “dogs”,
–, and in a series, e.g., “dogs, cats, and mice.”
–Spell out most numbers; spell out “percent.”
–Use parallel structure!
–No run-ons!
–No comma splices!
–The mysterious “They.” Highlight every use of this in your paper. Is it clear who “they” are? If not, edit!
–Dangerous passive voice, e.g., “Human trafficking IS CONSIDERED the fastest growing crime.” Use active voice, e.g., “Many authoritative researchers deem human trafficking to be the fastest growing crime.”

4 thoughts on “Easy-to-Fix Common Errors”

  1. Your tips are helpful, but it seems that whenever I'm writing I always get my grammar rules incorrect! I usually think that I'm writing gramatically correct, but then I get my essay back and it's covered with red ink. I guess I still need some practice!-Sadie Harvey

  2. Thank you for the tips. I hate reading essays written in a passive voice. I wonder why it is so easy for me to slip into the habit. The grammar check in Microsoft Word is a lifesaver. I found a book that helps me avoid writing pitfalls. It is an easy to read resource, titled Spunk & Bite by Arthur Plotnik. I relate with Plotnik and hope to master his recommendations.-Amanda Sullins

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